Learn to EASILY create the Visual FX Videos That Got Me 100,000 Instagram Followers in 3 Months, with Just Your Phone

Join me for the FREE, LIVE training where I reveal the top 3 effects that earned me well over 50 Million views on Social

Learn to EASILY Create the VIRAL VFX That I Used to go Viral and Hit 500,000+ Followers


Join me as I walk you through, step-by-step how to EASILY create stunning, mind-blowing, viral Visual FX videos to use to massively grow your views and following, right now

In This FREE Workshop You'll Learn...

  • How to go viral by EASILY finding trending topics, viral videos and content ideas to use in any niche - in just a few minutes

  • The top 3 effects that I used to get 500k+ followers

  • How to remove the guesswork and know exactly what content to post to go viral by knowing what's going viral and what effects to focus on

  • A step-by-step walk through of how to create badass VFX videos in just a few minutes with just your phone

By the End of the Workshop You'll Have...

  • Discovered how to QUICKLY & EASILY find the most viral content ideas in your niche

  • Learned the simple VFX tools that top creators use to get views and followers

  • Created your own, badass VFX video that you can post right away


Meet Your Host - Colin Pomeroy

Hi, I'm Colin. I'm a veteran video creator with over 10 years of experience. Over the last 5+ years of creating social media content, failing, trial and error, I've discovered a step-by-step method to quickly grow your social media accounts using easy-to-learn VFX on your phone combined with a simple content strategy. By applying this method, I've been able to grow from 9K to 100K+ followers on Instagram and make a full-time living as a content creator, in just a few months!

Why Should I Attend?

Most events leave you with more questions than answers, sharing vague strategies that you've already heard and can't use.

In this masterclass, I'll be working with you LIVE in an interactive setting that lays it all out so you can know exactly how to create these effects, which effects to focus on, and how to use existing viral videos to remix your content for maximum views & exposure, today!